Thursday, September 4

I'm Fed Up !!!

I AM FED UP ! ! !

A is for Amnesty, to those who broke our laws;

B is for Benghazi, and the untruths of its cause.

C is for the Congress, as they screw up everyday;

D is for the Debt that our grandchildren have to pay.

E is for the radical “Environmentalists”;

F - for the First Lady, who’s “Queen of Food Spec-ial-ists”.

G is for Gun Grabbers, those who want to take what’s mine;

H is for poor Hillary, who hopes she’s “next in line”.

I - for ISIS, Islam - and for all the lives they took;

J is for no Justice, letting criminals “off the hook”.

K - for King Obama, with his pen and with his phone;

L is for the Leftists, who should leave our country alone.

M is for the Moral decline we see before our eyes;

N is for News media, with its garbage and its lies.

O is for Obamacare, which was meant to tyrannize;

P is for the Poverty that continues on the rise.

Q is for al-Queda - they’re more dangerous than ever;

R - for Racial tensions, and why Jesse thinks he’s “clever”.

S - for Same Sex marriage - not the way that God intended;

T is for the Taxes paid, which never get amended.

U - for Unemployment, because jobs are scarce and few;

V - for Veterans’ “care“ that can’t deliver what it should do.

W is for Welfare - with Link cards and monthly cash;
dependency on others turns society into trash.

X is for eX-ecutive orders, staged in rows and groups.

Y is for the Yellow-bellied “Commander” of our troops.

Z - the real Zinger - which truly says it all:
Our freedom’s being Zapped away, and thrown against the wall.
It’s time for all America to rise and take a stand,
And re-write this list from “A” to “Z” in the way our Framers planned.

Karel Follman Jones
September 1, 2014

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