Wednesday, November 28

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

According to Rasmussen Reports, most Americans still prefer signs in stores that say "Merry Christmas" rather than ones with "Happy Holidays."

68% of American Adults prefer Merry Christmas. Just 23% like Happy Holidays instead.

Saturday, November 24

In Memory of a Friend

To Our Little Orphan,
1998 - 2012

Dearest Friend:

Someone didn’t want you
In the fall of ‘98,
So they tossed you on a country road
Who cared? What was your fate?

You were just a baby then -
Not more than eight weeks old;
You made a window well your bed
While shivering in the cold.

We heard you’d wandered through the streets
While trying to survive;
In Chris’ arms he brought you home
So you could stay alive.

You loved us from the very start;
We caught your silent plea:
“I want to make my home with you,
And join your family.”

You shared with us your playful ways,
And laughter filled our place -
Bright ribbons, lights and shoelaces
Were what you liked to chase.

You never uttered one complaint
Or spoke an angry word.
Sharing days and nights with us
Was all that you preferred.

You gave us peace and comfort
When you’d lay across a lap;
A quiet calm would end the day
When we would rest and nap.

The day came when we realized
Old age would take its toll;
We saw that you weren’t feeling well,
Which was beyond control.

Whatever was bound to happen now;
We just could not foresee;
We helped give you a fighting chance,
But it wasn’t meant to be.

I looked into your weary face
And saw life growing tough;
You hinted with unspoken words
That you ‘had had enough’.

I said goodbye to you today -
‘Twas difficult to do;
Though sadness loomed, I knew it was
The kindest thing for you.

Farewell will never cut our bond
Nor the love we shared for years.
Undying love lives in my heart,
And fond memories dry my tears.

Love always,

Friday, November 23


Cat 1998-2012

We miss you.

Friday, November 16

Ages of Congress

The average age of a representative in the U.S. House of Representatives is 56 years.
The average age of a U.S. senator is 62 years.

Tuesday, November 13

The Most Transparent Administration in History

"The most transparent administration in history is once again revealed to be as clear as a glass of water pulled from the mighty Mississippi." - REASON magazine.

Sunday, November 11

Salute Our Veterans

Sunday, November 4

California Cat Grab

Our 14 year old cat stopped eating and we took it to the vet. It had lost one pound, temperature normal, blood work taken, and appetite stimulant prescribed.

The vet palpated the animal and stated that the kidneys felt hard but he would know more after the bloodwork returned. The vet stated kidney disease was the number one cat killer.

He instructed us on the `California Cat Grab` (It originated in California) in which you grab the cat behind the ears, tilt the cat backwards until its mouth pops open via gravity, and push the pill (in this case an appetite stimulant) into the cat`s gaping mouth. Then offer the animal food in about five minutes. Do this three times a day. Vet bill: $204.27

The vet called later in the day with the lab results and it was as he feared, the beginning of kidney disease. We brought the cat in the next day and were instructed on how to administer an I.V. and given a 1000 ml bag of fluid with directions to administer 100 ml a day.

The vet said there was a 50-50 chance that the cat would recover. We should know within 6-10 days. He provided us with some medicine to sprinkle on the cat's food which would help bind phosphates which the cat would excrete. Vet bill: $101.27

Needless to say, the cat was more cooperative in the vet's office than at home. It was a struggle getting the appetite stimulant down, and the cat fought against the I.V. as well. We are going to have to take the cat in for the I.V. each day.

I'm reminded that people spend more on health care in their last two years of life than the rest of their life combined. It must be the same for our animals too.

We think that our pets are going to live forever. When they don't, it serves to remind us of our own mortality.