Monday, July 14

Oh, Say, Can Anyone See?

The USA is under siege
From sea to shining sea;
Its people gasp in disbelief,
“How did this come to be??”

Our nation’s southern borders
Have been wiped off from the map;
There, strangers make their move inside
While the politicians nap.

Children, teens, and gang-bangers
By the thousands - coming in -
On trains, on buses, and on foot
While WE take it “on the chin”.

Diseases, bugs, and viruses:
TB, VD, and lice,
Are ALSO immigrating here
And overwhelming ICE.

The terrorists - they’re sneaking through,
And our safety’s in a bind.
Border patrol is gathering up
Prayer rugs they’ve left behind.

Gone are the days when Jihad
Had to stow away by air;
Now, they enter through OUR “holy ground,”
Being greeted by friends from CAIR.

Ellis Island once was used
But now sits empty, dark.
New York should just convert it
Into a big amusement park.

Where’s the sense in all of this?
It was not meant to be!
The land of freedom and justice
Has now lost its sovereignty.

A troubled soldier wandered off
Into the enemy’s lair;
So Obama released five terrorists -
An exchange HE thought was fair !

There’s unrest in the Middle East;
The nations are on attack.
Hamas is out to kill the Jews
While Israel fights back.

Christians are being targeted
And murdered one by one;
If they don’t convert, the extremists revert
To a sword blade and a gun.

The leader of the ISIS group
Is on a killing spree;
Once under lock and key, he’s loose,
‘Cause Obama set him free.

“I’ll see you in New York,’ was said
By this evil terrorist,
As he left his cell he did not tell
Who was on his Murder List.

The VA Health Care is a mess
With deaths and waiting lists,
But there’s been no explanation
Amidst all their “turns” and “twists.”

This system, run by government
Is more than our vets should bear;
So get ready, all Americans -
To be screwed by Obamacare !

Our troops have kept us safe from harm
And are frequently deployed;
If Obama keeps cutting their numbers,
Militarily, we’re destroyed.

In the White House lives a king,
Which is what the Founders feared.
He took his seat upon the throne
While the people stood and cheered.

Our Constitution, once revered,
Has kept our nation great,
But to dare speak out or protest now
Makes one “mean” and “full of hate.”

Obama used the “right” words
When he ran for president,
But to centralize the people’s power
Was always his intent.

Barack made empty promises
He knew he wouldn’t keep.
His “change” was for Karl Marx’s world,
His “hope” was we’d stay asleep.

America’s at its tipping point
With no more room to spare.
Old Uncle Sam is beaten, bruised,
And gasping for some air.

A leader must have character
And concern for the common good.
But the people got lost in “hope” and “change”
Which Obama hoped they would.

The voters have themselves to blame;
Elections have consequences.
America will destroy itself
Unless the people come to their senses.

I hope our land reverses course
With better days to come.
But then maybe I’M the “Dreamer”
If I beat a silent drum.

- Karel Follman-Jones