Monday, December 31

Avoiding a Hangover

"Keep at about one drink an hour, about three drinks maximum for an entire episode, and then you really will prevent hangovers." — Dr. Krista Lisdahl (neurologist).

Oldest Member of House of Representatives

17 terms in the House of Representatives!

"When Ralph Hall was elected to the U.S. House in 1980 at the age of 57, he had already served in the Navy in World War II, built a successful business career and served in Texas' state government for many years.

On Christmas Day, the North Texas congressman became the oldest person ever to serve in the U.S. House, surpassing the record of North Carolina Rep. Charles Manly Stedman, who died in office in 1930 at age 89 years, 7 months and 25 days.

Hall, who turns 90 on May 3, became the oldest House member to ever cast a vote this year. Those close to the Rockwall Republican say he remains active. Voters re-elected him last month to a 17th term."


Saturday, December 29

4 Characteristics of Buddhism

The Four Seals of Dharma are:

1. All compounded things are impermanent.
2. All stained emotions are painful.
3. All phenomena are empty.
4. Nirvana is peace.

Saturday, December 22

Aptostichus barackobamai

Researchers in America has revealed 33 new species of trapdoor spider, including Aptostichus barackobamai, named for Barack Obama.

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Friday, December 21

Queen James Version

"Homosexuals now have their own translation of the Bible. But since it's absent of any passages related to their sinful conduct, one researcher considers it blasphemous."

Making the Bible More Vague

Tuesday, December 18

Plan B

"House Speaker John Boehner told rank-and-file Republicans that they should consider a “Plan B” on how to avert automatic tax increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff.

House leadership sources say the option would be for the chamber to pass a plan letting top tax rates increase on income over $1 million only.

The House would then send that bill, along with a House-passed bill extending the current tax rates enacted under former President George W. Bush for everyone, and leave it up to the Senate to decide."

National Journal

Monday, December 10

Big Brother

"With complete disregard for driver privacy, the Obama administration gave their consent to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to mandate black box event data recorders (EDR) be installed in all new cars in the US.

The NHTSA says that by September 2014 all car and light trucks will be equipped with EDRs that will silently “record the actions of drivers and the responses of their vehicles in a continuous information loop.”

The information recorded by EDRs includes:

• vehicle speed
• whether the brake was activated in the moments before a crash
• crash forces at the moment of impact
• information about the state of the engine throttle
• air bag deployment timing and air bag readiness prior to the crash
• whether the vehicle occupant’s seat belt was buckled"

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Saturday, December 1

Food Stamps (S.N.A.P. Program)

In November, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reported that a record 47,102,780 individuals receive food stamps.

According to US. Census Bureau data, that figure exceeds the combined populations of: Alaska, Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Mississippi, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Dakota, Utah, Vermont, West Virginia, and Wyoming.

Since January 2009, the number of individuals on food stamps has skyrocketed from 31.9 million to the current record high 47.1 million. By comparison, in 1969 just 2.8 million Americans received food stamps.