Thursday, September 22


Thick - enjoy details, can multi-task, passionate about what they do, family oriented, generous with loved ones
Thin - prefer doing one thing at a time, less passionate about their interests
High - aloof, slightly detached, tolerant easy to get along with
Joined - enjoy provoking others
Different heights - overly sensitive, difficult to get along with
Long - (reach outer corner) get along well with others, stays in contact with friends, Thick and long = generous with time/money, strong emotions, thick/long/bushy =stubborn
Short - independent, hard to ask others for help
Sparse - quiet, gentle, indecisive, shy
Curved - friendly, open, stable, esp. if thin
Straight - ambitious, conscientious, business minded, setting goals/achieving, appear cold and unaffectionate to others
Upward sloping - (lowest at nose/rise up/over outer edge of eye), quick to seize opportunities, impatient, lose interest over time
Downward sloping - (highest at nose, slope downward at outer edge of eye) considerate responsible, caring, opposite of upward sloping, gain interest
Short - impulsive, short tempered, impatient
Close together - take offense easy, hard to forgive others

Open wide - receptive, emotional, expressive
Narrow - watchful, wary, suspicious
Large - friendly, expressive
Small - conservative with emotions,
Extremely small - materialistic, self centered
Wide set - see whole situation at a glance
Close set - good with details
Deep set - secretive
Bulging - exhibitionistic, say outrageous things
Corners up - women/problems with expressing innermost men - good sense of humor
Corners down - strong sense of self interest, tendency to think of self first
Stressed - white above iris/anxious, nervous, overly sensitive white below eye/anxious, short tempered, violent white above and below/mentally unbalanced

Large (4 or fewer fit between chin and top of forehead, 5-6 is normal, more -small) natural leaders, outgoing, sensual, risk takers
Average - careful
Small- - thoughtful, cautious, introverted
Top half larger and broader - good brain, excellent memory
Middle third larger - creative inventive
Bottom half long/broad - sympathetic and compassionate
Rounded - outgoing, positive, reliable
Squarish - insightful, quick thinking, multi-tasker
Close to head - good listeners, tactful, sensitive, adaptable
Stick out - independent, stubborn, hear what they want to hear
High setting (higher than tip of nose/ends of eyebrows) good common sense
Low setting (lower than eyebrows and tip of nose) easy to get along with
Extreme tilt - tries to control others, self important
Round helix (outer rim) - energetic, enjoys mental stimulation
Thick helix - tendency to overindulge
Thin helix - enthusiastic, impulsive, extroverted
Conch prominent - enormous stamina, takes project all the way
Conch less noticeable - needs to push self to achieve success
Earlobes attached - strong family connection
Earlobes unattached - do not need close support of family
Long earlobes - plan ahead
Short earlobes - live in present, little patience, express emotions freely

Broad - spontaneous, extravagant, sensual, sometimes indecisive, sociable
Turned up - friendly, generous, affectionate
Bony - ascetic, ideals are important, choose careers they enjoy
Narrow tip - critical
Wide tip - tolerant, accepting
Rounded tip - have quality standards
Split tip - unique slant on life, big ups and downs, has good ideas
Large nostrils - easy to spend money, independent
Small nostrils - careful with money, like to finish one task before starting another

Full - sensual and emotional
Top lip fuller than bottom - will talk freely about any topic, affectionate, caring, supportive
Lower lip fuller - motivated, sensual, possesses a strong ego, will not enjoy discussing personal matters
Lower lip much fuller - love talking, highly persuasive
Thin lips - determined, persistent, decisive, more secretive, keep thoughts/feelings under control, dislike being teased, emotionally cold, shy, quiet, small group of carefully selected friends, avoids crowded environments
Top lip noticeably thicker - needs excitement and drama in life
Protruding top lip - kind, understanding, dislike confrontation
Protruding lower lip - no problem standing up for themselves or others, prepared to fight for what they want
Upturned mouth - cheerful, positive, optimistic
Down-turned mouth - pessimistic, discouraging, bitter

Forehead (divided into three sections)
Top section is called Heaven (inherited from ancestors), middle section is called Human (inherited from parents), bottom section immediately above eyes is called Earth (qualities a person has learned from own experiences
Prominent (bulging outward) - plenty of energy, enjoy thinking, keen to learn
Broad- wide, open minded, wide range of interests, young at heart, like being in charge, born to organize and lead
Narrow - limited range of interests, fascinated with facts, impractical, tend to conform and not rock the boat, like to fit in
Slanted (slants back from eyebrows) multitask, take on too much, find it hard to finish tasks
Frown lines - (vertical lines between eyebrows)
One line are stubborn and persistent
Two lines - get along with everyone
Angled or horizontal frown lines tend to overact and lose tempers quickly

- my notes from Face Reading Quick and Easy by Richard Webster