Tuesday, August 26

I Didn't Know That...

Fall gets its name from the longer phrase fall of the leaf that was first used in the mid-1500s. (Spring comes from a similar phrase: spring of the leaf.) Fall took hold in America more than it did in Britain, and in the US, fall is the standard season name.

British speakers are more likely to use the word autumn, which came into English in the late 1300s from an Old French word.

Monday, August 11

Cruz Quote

“We need to stand for life. We need to stand for marriage. We need to abolish the IRS. We need to repeal Obamacare. We need to repeal Common Core.” - Senator Ted Cruz

Saturday, August 9


There are two ways in which anything can be exchanged: peaceful or violent. A peaceful exchange is if you do something good for me, I'll do something good for you. Capitalism is the epitome of a peaceful means of exchange. A violent means of exchange is if you don't do something good for me, I'm going to do something bad for you. There are two major objections to capitalism which can be refuted: 1) It encourages greed. In a true market economy capitalism neutralizes greed. A greedy man must think of others first to give people a reason to come back to his business. 2) In a capitalist system, some people must win while others lose. That assumes that the free market system is a zero sum game like a sports contest, i.e. the Bears win and the Eagles lose. In a market sum game, everybody can win. Price is dependent upon supply and demand.