Thursday, September 11


I. Orienting Data for Genesis

A. Content: Origins of the world, humanity and Israel

B. Human author: Moses, using records from before his time

C. Date of Composition: 1400 BC or 1220 BC, depending on chronology

D. Historical Coverage: Creation through the death of Jacob's son, Joseph, in Egypt

E. Emphases

1. God's nature and purposes.

2. The reasons why humans exist.

3. The first divine covenants.

4. The nature of sin.

5. The perpetual corruption of human society.

6. God's intolerance of sin.

7. God's choice of a people.

8. God's plan of redemption.

9. God works through sinful people.

II. Outline of Genesis (Origin Stories)

A. 1:1-2:3 - Prologue

B. 2:4-4:26 - Origin stories of "the heavens and the earth"

C. 5:1-6:8 - Origin stories of the family of Adam

D. 6:9-9:29 - Origin stories of Noah

E. 10:1-11:9 - Origin stories of Shem, Ham, and Japheth

F. 11:10-26 - Origin stories of Shem

G. 11:27-25:11 - Origin stories of Terah

H. 25:12-18 - Origin stories of Ishmael

I. 25:19-35:29 - Origin stories of Isaac

J. 36:1-37:1 - Origin stories of Esau

K. 37:2-50:26 - Origin stories of Jacob

III. Genesis 1: Creation Story Structure

A. Day 1 (1:1-5) corresponds to Day 4 (1:14-19)

B. Day 2 (1:6-8) corresponds to Day 5 (1:20-23)

C. Day 3 (1:9-13) corresponds to Day 6 (1:24-31)

D. Day 7: God rests and sanctifies the day of rest.

IV. Man Created in the Image of God

A. Three Options

1. We look like God physically.

2. We are rational beings like God.

3. We represent God by doing his will.

B. Tselem - Idol

V. The Fall

A. How Satan Works

B. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

C. Consequences of the Fall

Thursday, September 4

I'm Fed Up !!!

I AM FED UP ! ! !

A is for Amnesty, to those who broke our laws;

B is for Benghazi, and the untruths of its cause.

C is for the Congress, as they screw up everyday;

D is for the Debt that our grandchildren have to pay.

E is for the radical “Environmentalists”;

F - for the First Lady, who’s “Queen of Food Spec-ial-ists”.

G is for Gun Grabbers, those who want to take what’s mine;

H is for poor Hillary, who hopes she’s “next in line”.

I - for ISIS, Islam - and for all the lives they took;

J is for no Justice, letting criminals “off the hook”.

K - for King Obama, with his pen and with his phone;

L is for the Leftists, who should leave our country alone.

M is for the Moral decline we see before our eyes;

N is for News media, with its garbage and its lies.

O is for Obamacare, which was meant to tyrannize;

P is for the Poverty that continues on the rise.

Q is for al-Queda - they’re more dangerous than ever;

R - for Racial tensions, and why Jesse thinks he’s “clever”.

S - for Same Sex marriage - not the way that God intended;

T is for the Taxes paid, which never get amended.

U - for Unemployment, because jobs are scarce and few;

V - for Veterans’ “care“ that can’t deliver what it should do.

W is for Welfare - with Link cards and monthly cash;
dependency on others turns society into trash.

X is for eX-ecutive orders, staged in rows and groups.

Y is for the Yellow-bellied “Commander” of our troops.

Z - the real Zinger - which truly says it all:
Our freedom’s being Zapped away, and thrown against the wall.
It’s time for all America to rise and take a stand,
And re-write this list from “A” to “Z” in the way our Framers planned.

Karel Follman Jones
September 1, 2014