Friday, January 17

Senate Republican Primary in South Carolina

A look at the South Carolina Senate Republican Primary: Senator Lindsey Graham is vulnerable in his re-election bid.

South Carolina has an open primary: Democrats and independents may vote in the Republican primary if they so choose.

Primary: June 10, 2014
Primary Runoff: June 24, 2014

If no candidate takes 50% or more in the primary, a runoff will be held between the top two finishers.

Lindsey Graham (R) a two-term RINO incumbent who has $7 million in his campaign re-election account.
Lee Bright (R) - State Sen. & Ex-Spartanburg County School Board Member
Richard Cash (R) - Pastor, Pro-Life Activist & '10 US Rep. Candidate
Bill Connor (R) - Attorney, Army Veteran & '10 Lt. Gov. Candidate
Nancy Mace (R) - Businesswoman & Author

Most recent polling indicates that Graham will receive 51% of the primary vote.

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