Friday, December 20

What's in a Name?

What's in a name? How many Black (politically correct: African-American) Americans have a Russian first name? I find it interesting that Barack and Michelle's youngest daughter's real name is Natasha, not Sasha as is frequently reported in the media. Barack's parents met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii in the early 1960s. They associated with leftists of all stripes including Frank Marshall Davis who later mentored Barack Obama. It has always been trendy for communist sympathizers to give their children Russian names. BO and Michelle named their first child Malia Ann, (one of the origins of Malia is a Swahili word meaning "queen" which is popular in Kenya, the birthplace of Obama's father; Ann, I'm sure pays homage to his mother, Stanley Ann Dunham). Their second child they named Natasha Obama. They have not released Natasha's middle name, although the middle initial M. is given on the Obama's public tax return (see below). Does it stand for Michelle or perhaps a Russian female name? Like many things about Barack Obama, it remains a mystery.

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