Wednesday, October 2

'Twas The Night Before Shutdown

‘Twas the night before shutdown
And all through the House,
A revised bill was written
For Harry Reid, that old louse.

The votes were all cast
By the congressmen there,
In hopes that the senators
Would accept this new dare.

But the Senate chimed in
Under Harry Reid’s voice;
Saying, “We won’t accept-
And there’s no other choice!”

Reid blamed the conservatives
For this disastrous mess;
But the people now have spoken,
And it's this, he won't address.

They exempted one another
From their tawdry health care “plan”;
Tho’ they know it puts the people
In the “fire, from the pan”.

Back and forth, all through the night
Both sides tossed the ball,
But the Senate wouldn’t budge an inch
‘Cause old Reid would always stall.

It’s all about the politics,
The arrogance and power;
Their hot air blew while the wall clock drew
The last bewitching hour.

“Cross the aisle“! “Compromise!”
The sordid words were heard.
With midnight fast approaching,
Their priorities were blurred.

They created lots of drama,
Afraid to do what was correct;
But they set the stage for the people’s rage
When it’s time to re-elect.

With pointed fingers, blame was placed
As the new day slowly dawns;
It’s WE THE PEOPLE who hold the bag,
And get treated like the pawns.

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