Thursday, September 26

McDonalds in India

While India is one of the biggest markets in the World, it is also the only Country in the World, where McDonald’s doesn’t serve any beef or pork in any form, in ANY of their 123 outlets (and counting) across the country!

Instead of ground beef and pork patties, the McDonald’s Menu in India features Indian burgers that are 100 percent vegetarian – burger look-a-likes of potatoes, peas, and carrots, with a little Indian spice thrown in. So what most Indian kids grow up to know as a hamburger, isn’t really a hamburger.

Diets in India have been impacted by the many different religions in India for centuries now. Hindus don’t eat beef. Hindu believers consider the cow sacred and holy, so harming a cow…let alone eating its meat is considered a grave sin. Since a majority of the population are followers of Hinduism, there is no beef on the McDonalds’ menu in India. Hindu’s and Muslims (also a prominent religion in India), don’t eat pork, so the McDonalds Corporation in India is quick to point out on their website ( that not only is there no beef, there is no pork or pork byproducts in any McDonalds restaurant in India.

That’s not to say that McDonald’s doesn’t serve any non-vegetarian products in their Indian restaurants. They do serve chicken burgers and still have the one Fish Burger…but if you’re a meat eater..then you’ll be outnumbered with their vegetarian options.

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