Thursday, March 28

The Council of Trent

or why I am not a Catholic...

First session of Trent

Scripture and tradition were to be of equal authority - this denied the fundamental Protestant belief that the Bible alone was the basis of Christian belief.

The Catholic Church was to have the sole right in interpreting the Bible and the authority of the Vulgate was asserted. (The Vulgate was the ancient Latin version of the Scriptures produced by St. Jerome in the 4th Century).

Good works were upheld.

The seven sacraments were "absolutely necessary channels of divine salvation."

Communion in both kinds was forbidden except by express permission of the pope.

Second Session of Trent

Pilgrimages and penances were to be upheld.

The doctrine of transubstantiation was affirmed.

Communion in both kinds was condemned as were other aspects of the Protestant view of the Eucharist.

Third Session of Trent

Clerical celibacy was upheld.

Communion in one kind for the laity was upheld.

The veneration of images and relics was upheld.

Bishops were to ordain only suitable men to holy orders and to supervise their moral life.

Clergy were to reside in their parishes and to perform regular duties.

A seminary was to be established in every diocese

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