Wednesday, June 20

False Teachings of Mormonism

Jesus was conceived by physical union between God the Father and Mary.
Jesus had several wives.
Jesus was the brother of Lucifer (Satan).
Jesus was created.
The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are three distinct gods.
Jesus is our elder brother who progressed to become a god.
Jesus Christ plays only an initial role in our salvation.
Certain sins are beyond the atoning blood of Christ.
Jesus is only one of many saviors.
A personal relationship with Christ is discouraged as false doctrine.

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Alpha Male said...

As a christian, I wonder how smart people can be lured into religious cults...BUT, I also realize that christianity was once consider a "cult".

If you take the umbrella of Mormonism away from Romney, the far left wing-nuts would have nothing with which to attack Romney. None of us know why Romney chose to become a mormon. We have to wait until next January to see if and how his religious belief influences his decisions.
BUT, we already know what we have in the white house, and that nutcase is the worst president we've ever had.