Tuesday, May 22

Alex Trebek Trivia

Here's some info on Alex Trebek, the host on my favorite game show, Jeopardy.

"He reads a lot of books about the Lincoln assassination. Geography is his favorite category. He thinks there’s a damaging sense of entitlement in our society. He has about 100 suits. He used to be a regular at Filene’s Basement. He loved coloring maps as a child. He does not hate Sean Connery. He and Pat Sajak haven’t spoken for months. Unless there’s a Lakers game on, he’ll watch himself on Jeopardy!. He has been asked to be on Dancing With the Stars. He no longer has cartilage in his left knee. His appreciation for music 'ended when Frank Sinatra died.' He votes as an Independent. He would like to be asked to ask questions at a presidential debate. He’s done more than 6,000 shows. He prefers to drink white wine. He is not familiar with the band One Direction."

Behind the Scenes on Jeopardy

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